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Virin Gomber, Success Coach

Smart Success Mastery

with Mindful Solutions

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Smart Success Mastery may sound something out there, something that you can’t have access to right now… in this very moment. Apparently, that’s no longer true. The world is getting smarter with achieving success.

Are you struggling to achieve your goals despite putting in your best efforts?

Success Coaching is your answer. It comes with a range of benefits: increased productivity, improved work efficiency, better relationships and greater work-life balance. Take charge of your success and discover smart and innovative strategies to accomplish these outcomes.

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This age of technology has created a constant state of distraction and taken our focus away, resulting in creating the ‘Age of Anxiety’.

Our Mindfulness training empowers you with simple yet powerful skills to regain your focus for effective stress management, enhanced focus, better productivity and improved wellbeing. Your wellbeing and success starts with you making the most of ‘Now’.

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Do you or your team need regular motivation for a fresh perspective, inspiration and morale boost?

When speaking to an audience, I aim to inspire, motivate, galvanise and propel people into a state of empowered consciousness with positive energy, humour and infotainment. I strive to exceed all your team motivation expectations.

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About Virin

“You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got.”

I find some of these powerful quotes quite fascinating. Some of them have made a big difference to who I am. Some of them give me goosebumps, even if I have read them a hundred times. The reason is pretty simple – They offer solutions, I feel empowered reading them and like to give it all when I set myself a goal. Paying forward that empowerment is what I do… as a coach, trainer and speaker.

Like to join me in this empowerment journey?
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Solopreneur Success Mastery

Grow a Peak-Profits Business : 8-Week Online Program


– Step by Step System to grow a highly profitable solopreneur business
– An easy structured way to get a consistent stream of clients
– Smart Goal-Getting strategies that work like magic
– Powerful Action-Automation steps for fast-paced results
– Proven techniques for Work-Life Balance
– Regular support (Weekly Q&A Calls)
– Connection with other solopreneurs (FB Group)



What People are Saying

“Virin Gomber knows communication from many perspectives. He is trained in NLP based coaching and is a certified trainer of the international Transforming Communication seminar. He also has a background working as a consultant in public relations and strategic communication with some of New Zealand’s largest companies. His refreshing honesty, respectfulness and congruence make him a trustworthy advisor and guide for organizations and individuals making a positive contribution to the world. He is focused and energetic in his work, clear in his presentation skills, and has a personal warmth and compassion that backs up his many skills.”

Dr. Richard Bolstad

NLP Trainer

“Virin, as my Life/Business Coach and Mentor, has helped me tremendously in all areas of my life. The transformation he has taken me through has been life changing on so many levels. He has helped me break some deep seeded patterns from past life times to finally bring me into the here and now! A dream I have had to become a Jewellery Designer does not feel like a dream anymore, he has given me the confidence to believe in myself and make my dream a reality. And in the process, I have uncovered some other gifts I want to share with the world. He has put me on my ‘life path’. Thank you for being such a kind, compassionate and inspirational person in my life. Blessings, light and gratitude!”


Solopreneur- Jewellery Designer

“Virin is a high achiever and will give the best result always. He has excellent communication skills that build effective networks. His efficiency in and dedication to work make him valuable to anyone he works with.”

Caroline Ongleo-Calub

Ex-General Manager, The Peace Foundation

“I gained a lot from the Success Coaching Programme with Virin. It’s very inspiring and informative.”

Maria Stella Solon

IT Professional


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