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5 Mistakes that Repel Money (and How You can Use them to Your Advantage)

5 Mistakes that Repel Money (and How You can Use them to Your Advantage)

The thought of making money or lack of money or understanding it usually stirs up a lot emotion in people.

If you are struggling to make sufficient money in your life, you will relate to a lot of what I’m going to reveal here. And when I say ‘sufficient money’, I mean sufficient for your ‘needs’, not ‘wants’. It’s another matter when you start turning your wants into needs.

If you find you never seem to make enough money despite all your best intentions, hard work, more than 100% efforts and even trying all the available opportunities, you need to understand the reasons you’re repelling money. Here we go:

Mistake #1: Repeating your ‘lack’ story

This is one of the most common mistakes people make – they keep repeating to themselves how hard it is for them to make money. The more you do this every single day, the more strongly you repel money.


Change your everyday story from focussing on the lack to focussing on what you have – your current income, skill sets, successes so far in life. Just this little change will, on it’s own, immensely transform your relationship with money.

Mistake #2: Being unclear about your ‘real needs’

When you think and feel that money will bring ‘real happiness’ for you, that causes more problems for your emotional fulfilment. “Once I start earning 10k per month, I will be really happy.” – if you think that way, you will always be chasing this elusive dream.


Get really clear about your real needs. (Hint: you real needs are at an emotional level.) If you take care of your emotions and start feeling fulfilled with your life, you are ready to start manifesting more money.

Mistake #3: You’re too desperate

When you want something too desperately, you tend to push it away further. (And that’s true for when you do that with humans too!).


It’s ok to want money in life as it can provide more freedom, but try to bring your expectations down a little and your attachment levels to money will experience a shift. The energy of desperation needs to dissolve and replaced with letting go of the outcome.

Mistake #4: You haven’t learned how to be truly abundant

When you can’t notice abundance around you, attracting money into your life becomes like an act of chasing the tail.


Being abundant begins with ‘feeling abundant’. It’s a mindset shift that allows you to start seeing abundance in every moment, every event and every part of life.

Mistake #5: You’ve fears or a limiting belief system

If you believe you don’t deserve to be rich or that being rich is only for a very a select few, you’re saying ‘No’ to money in any form entering your life. Usually, such a belief system can be very strong and seem like difficult to change.


Use the strength of the same belief system, but flip it around and start channelling that energy through the other side.


If you think you’re making a few or all of these mistakes, rest assured that you can use these mistakes to your advantage. As you can see, the solution lies inside the problem itself.

Making mistakes isn’t enough to become great. You must also admit the mistake, and then learn how to turn that mistake into an advantage.

– Robert Kiyosaki

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