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The Missing Piece in Self-Love: Love Yourself from the Inside Out

Co-Author: Virin Gomber
Amazon International Best Seller

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The Missing Piece in Self-Love is the 8th book in the #1 International Best-Selling book series!

Have you experienced hurtful blows in your life? Take it from me – it is possible to come back from a bad situation even stronger and happier. All of us understand that truly awful things can happen to good people. But they don’t have to control your existence.

Compiled by Kate Gardner and other amazing co-authors this book documents how learning to self-love helped them change their lives for the better.

Many people go through crisis periods when it seems like the future is almost hopeless. Bleakness and despair can set in and even take over your way of thinking. The Missing Piece in Self Love is a compilation of writings that can show you that it doesn’t have to be like this – you can use your situation to rebuild and reinforce your existence from the bottom up!

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Passive Income: Blueprint for Success

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This book provides you a blueprint for success through empowering you with both the external and internal resources.

And above all, it’s presented in a clear, concise, simple and easy-to-use way so you can start your journey to financial abundance immediately.

Benefits from this book:

  • Understand the depth of money
  • Determine your true purpose for financial abundance
  • Steps to attain an abundance mindset
  • Figure out how much you can earn
  • Proven methods to have a winning belief system
  • Discover a range of workable and proven passive income streams
  • Find out how to set yourself up for success
  • How to take your passive income business to the next level
  • Unveil what contributes to attracting continuous financial abundance
  • Loads of motivation, and more!

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