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Start Your Success

SS3 Fast Track Coaching

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We all want success in whatever we do. But we don’t always get the chance to utilise or hire expert help to achieve this. No reason to be embarrassed about it. We can always start NOW!

If you’re an individual or business owner who hasn’t experienced any success strategy coaching before, this programme is like a ‘Starter’ in the Success Coaching Menu.

Scope of Work

Starting on the road to success requires analysis of where you are and where you want to go.

We will get you started in style with a huge focus on what you have already achieved and the awesome skills you possess. Next steps will take you through defining your goals, creating a solid action plan, sharpening your mind to help you achieve more than ever before, and finally leading you to your success starter journey.

Smart Options

  1. For both 1-1 sessions or groups.
  2. Online Coaching also available through Skype – Discounted rates offered!


  • Get optimum clarity on your current situation
  • Understand what’s not working for you.
  • Clearly define your priority goals
  • Instantly start taking precise steps towards your goals
  • Sharpen your mind to maximise your results
  • Ongoing support and motivation to help you overcome obstacles
  • Create a success template you can keep following for your personal and professional life.

Duration and Cost

Duration: 12 weeks, 6 sessions (1 hr each)

Cost: We like to provide you with the best value for your needs. Please contact us for a discussion.

What People are Saying

“Virin Gomber knows communication from many perspectives. He is trained in NLP based coaching and is a certified trainer of the international Transforming Communication seminar. He also has a background working as a consultant in public relations and strategic communication with some of New Zealand’s largest companies. His refreshing honesty, respectfulness and congruence make him a trustworthy advisor and guide for organizations and individuals making a positive contribution to the world. He is focused and energetic in his work, clear in his presentation skills, and has a personal warmth and compassion that backs up his many skills.”

Dr. Richard Bolstad

NLP Trainer

“Virin is a high achiever and will give the best result always. He has excellent communication skills that build effective networks. His efficiency in programme management and dedication to work make him valuable to any team he works with.”

Caroline Ongleo-Calub

General Manager, The Peace Foundation

“I gained a lot from the success coaching with Virin. It’s very inspiring and informative.”

Maria Stella Solon

IT Professional

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